Finding eyeballs fast!

Building remarkable content is a cornerstone of success. Great content drives SEO rankings. The challenge is getting all that work delivered to your audiences fast enough to deliver the business results you need, but how do you get the great content you took the time to build delivered to the people who will find it valuable?

Social Media – Social is a cornerstone component of a successful Content Marketing program. Social done correctly is a fruitful distribution channel for getting new eyeballs to your content. But “being social” these days truly transcends having a Facebook page. LinkedIn, Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube, Pinterest, Blogger, Google +; a dizzying array of options. We can help your organization decide which social channels fit, and how to make sure they are integrated and delivering results.

Effectively leveraging inbound marketing, social marketing, and account-based PPC strategies can drive audience members to your content up to 5 times faster. If your content is connected, the results can be impressive. Here’s a couple key metrics from a recent project:

550% increase in web sessions in the first 45 days of an SEO optimized site overhaul, with Pageviews from 756 to 4,748 (+528%).



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