Ready for Salesforce … Dont’! Stop!

Just a few data points. And right up front, we’re Salesforce fans. It’s a great enterprise class CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution with modular flexibility, and deep, broad capability. And we’re not picking on Saleforce, as the challenge applies to almost all tools designed to support large, well-staffed marketing operations. Marketo, ActOn! — both are in the same space as Salesforce/Padot: Enterprise Class CRM/MA (Marketing Automation) .

All have incredible capability for customization. They are powerful tool sets, but with that power comes a higher level of complexity. When that complexity is coupled with the budget required for Enterprise Class licensing pricing models, the need for post-deployment support, and timelines that far exceed more nimble solutions, it gets expensive. When you add the Pardot MA platform on the back, well, another level of complexity. It took Salesforce almost two years to finish the integration of Pardot and Saleforce. Think about it. Salesforce probably did not get less complex when Pardot was “bolted on”. (O.K., there I may have actually picked on Saleforce.)

There’s also another powerful driver beyond TOD (Total Cost of Deployment – time to fully deployed and operational CRM/MA system), and that’s the fact that someday your people are going to have to actually use your CRM/MA solution. Simplicity is golden.

Bottom line: If you’re not running a CRM/MA deployment with dozens of seats, with a full-time admin and Salesforce consulting team, there are better options. 

We just deployed a “right-sized” CRM/MA tool. Automational is a pared down version of ClickDimension’s enterprise solution. The primary difference being social management is not present in the “lighter” versions. This thing was streamlined, with great support tools, and on point online and phone tech support. Engaged assistance. Follow up emails from the techs. Weekend responses. Jaw dropping. This is the best interface we’ve worked with. Accordingly, we swapped our stuff to this platform, too. If you register below you’ll get your follow up from that system!

Plus, the system pulls you through the process with an intuitive and engaging flow. Great, wait “GREAT”, drag and drop work flow tool, easy email interface, and simple but clean dash boarding capability and display. Here’s a demo – click the link form the Automational homepage.




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Are you running a CRM/MA system in your business? How’s all that going?