Hblog views from old postsubSpot is a ‘TTV fan favorite’ Marketing Automation software. Not surprisingly, they’re pretty darned good at Inbound Marketing themselves. HubSpot’s blog guru recently had a “Holy Crap” epiphany.

Hubspot’s Pamela Vaughan manages Optimization & Growth for HubSpot blog. Arguably this single metric means she’s really good at what she does: Half a billion blog subscribers. Yep, that about covers that.

Pamela recently took a look at what was actually doing the most work on their sprawling and content laden blog (almost 6,000 posts). The results were even surprising to her.

Perhaps even more compelling, 92% of HubSpot’s Monthly blog leads came from old posts. One TTV customer recently discovered that over 45 hours of “eyeball time” a month was being spent on a 4 year old blog post page!top 30 posts from old blogs

(0.5% of HubSpot’s blog posts drove 46% of their blog leads)

So, the moral of the story: Take a quick look at your Google analytics or Marketing Automation page view data to determine what old content needs to be re-purposed or emulated.

See Pamela’s full post on HubSpot’s blog.