Last month we attended the Digital Summit Detroit. It was the best conference value in the western hemisphere. I was expecting a sketchy event as even I qualified for a “Platinum” status. But there were some great speakers, including closing remarks by Chevrolet’s CMO, Tim Mahoney. The speaker roster also included digital marketing thought leaders from global brands like, MGM, Microsoft, Salesforce, Marriott, and a personal favorite of ours – HubSpot.

Here’s the top 10 “Aha moment” takeaways and snippets from the event:

  1. A content marketer, like a disc jockey, understands that the audience is seeking an overall experience.
  2. In B2B, despite arguments to the contrary, emotion matters more than logic and reason.
  3. Social is the new PR.
  4. The average age of an IT decision maker is 32.
  5. Setting up automated lead nurturing is mission critical to lead conversion, but it is hard to do!
  6. By 2017 90% of Internet content will be video (we assume this is measured by bandwidth – but still a staggering figure)
  7. Overtly branded content is far less consumed.
  8. Knowing who is NOT your customer is as important as knowing your customer.
  9. Chevrolet turned the 2014 World Series MVP award ceremony blunder “Technology and stuff” into the most successful screw up in event marketing history.
  10. Today, relationships are created with information not people.