Regarding Dumb Marketing, here’s an ad from this month’s Bicycle magazine. The product is a plastic wrist bracelet ID with your name and emergency information for a mere $29. Now, is it just me, or aren’t EMTs are trained to look for an ID? Plus a driver’s license (which you’ve already paid for) can fit in even the tightest Lycra racing shorts.

This ad's tagline for an emergency ID bracelet is, "It's who I am." Thanks Captain Obvious!

The tagline for this ad about an ID bracelet is, “It’s who I am.” Thanks Captain Obvious!

Furthermore, the tagline for the ad is “It’s who I am.”

Well that’s good.

     “I was so pleased, when I got my new Road ID bracelet. It was who I am. It had my very own name and everything. Thank you.”

                    Bill Stanton, Dayton OH

So, at $35,000 per page insertion rate (circulation 435,000) and a 6 issue ad buy with a 40% gross margin:

1.  Do they sell the 36,000 Road ID units required to generate a paltry 2X ROI on the ad spend?
2.  Is it just me, or is that tagline really, really dumb?