Our focus remains centered on applying BI and process intelligence to the task of accelerating business velocity, but staying abreast of other applications leads to thinking out of the box.  NYPD is out in front again:

“The new Domain Awareness System (DAS), developed jointly by the New York Police Department and Microsoft, gives city law enforcement officials a way to aggregate and analyze data from surveillance cameras, license plate readers, radiation detectors, 911 calls, previous crime reports and multiple public safety databases.”

Similar work goes on in Iraq and Afghanistan, as trigger devices, blast patterns, chemical compositions and device locations are all carefully cataloged and referenced. The data is then analysed to uncover trends that can help military personnel identify potential threats more quickly.

NYC’s solution is unique, like what we work on in the commercial sphere, in that it is real-time. Obviously very cool from a technology perspective. But, are we flirting with the very edge of George Orwell’s prophecy?