Whether your business requirement is for content creation, connectivity, content distribution, or an end-to-end marketing strategy that drives business results, we can do that work.

Deep experience deploying Integrated web development, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and MA (Marketing Automation) in support of content marketing strategies. Whether your organization is ready for Salesforce Cloud coupled with Pardot, HubSpot, or a smaller right-sized all-in-one CRM/MA solutions we can fit the technology to your strategy!

Content needs to be relevant, lean, focused, modular, innovative, configurable and effective. Oh, and remarkable too!

According to the Content Marketing Institute, the top three challenges that face content marketers are:

1. Lack of time
2. Producing enough content
3. Producing relevant content that engages audiences

We help small and mid-sized companies address those challenges. We develop content to support your strategy, whether you're deploying a new Content Marketing program, or if you're looking at changing tactics to support your current program. Content that includes webinars, videos, blogs, white papers, learning solutions - eLearning, video, whiteboard video, webinar production, infographics, case studies, podcasts, branded educational content, and more.

The approach: Create lean "manufacturing facilities" for building your custom "created content", and get you started with processes and guidelines for "curated content" that engages audience members.

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TTV brings a unique blend of core competencies and hands-on experience to bear against the challenge of linking the content created to your audiences.

IT (Information Technology) – We do that! Deep experience deploying, integrating, and administrating CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and MA (Marketing Automation), LMS (Learning Management Systems), and Workflow Automation. We also speak IT fluently and have the experience and expertise required to configure and connect the systems that make Content Marketing programs work.

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Finding eyeballs!

Building remarkable content is a cornerstone of success. Great content drives SEO rankings. The challenge is getting all that work delivered to your audiences fast enough to deliver the business results you need, but how do you get the great content you took the time to build delivered to the people who will find it valuable?

Social Media – Social is a cornerstone component of a successful Content Marketing program. Social done correctly is a fruitful distribution channel for getting new eyeballs to your content. But “being social” these days truly transcends having a Facebook page. LinkedIn, Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube, Pinterest, Blogger, Google +; a dizzying array of options. We can help your organization decide which social channels fit, and how to make sure they are integrated and delivering results.

Effectively leveraging inbound marketing, social marketing, and account-based PPC strategies can drive audience members to your content up to 5 times faster. If your content is connected, the results can be impressive. Here's a couple key metrics from a recent project: 550% increase in web sessions in the first 45 days of an SEO optimized site overhaul, with Pageviews from 756 to 4,748 (+528%).

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We deploy systems that automate content marketing programs. We develop content assets and work flows to populate those systems with leads.

TTV stands for "Time To Value". Technology changes fast.

The work we do.

At the end of the day, content is still king. We help businesses tell stories that grow audiences. Audiences of people who use, or influence others that might use, what they produce or provide.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, 93% of B2B marketers are pursuing Content Marketing programs. TTV provides structured processes that support Content Marketing deployments, and we create content. We do that by producing your content in our ‘factory’ and delivering it to your business. Or, we can help you build your own factory for content production and curation.

What content?

How do you tell your organization’s stories? Highly-produced commercial quality video or GoPro and desktop editing software? An 8-page brochure, a blog, microsite, or a landing page? eBook, eLearning, newsletter, or an infographic that launches a 45-second animated (and measurable) whiteboard video via Augmented Reality? More importantly — How do you make sure you are developing and curating content that is creative and engaging, but also supportive of the business strategy and program goals? We’ve got answers!

Connecting the Dots?

Then comes the question of how to manage the Supply Chain for the content factory? There are processes for transforming your organization’s stakeholders into program participants that help identify, create and curate great content. How do we link the blogs, and sites, CRM’s, CMS’s, LinkedIn Groups, et. al. to create channels for distribution? How do you monitor and measure those connections so that the results can be continuously improved?

Creating and assimilating content that is relevant and engaging enough to deliver an audience interested in what you have to say is an attainable goal!

Want to start a conversation about whether our approach fits your business requirements? Give us a call at 800-605-3964, or simply join the group and we'll follow up!

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